Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name 2...........The Polished Pebble

I went thru & did some editing on my last post "A Rose By Any Other Name" (cleaning up mispelled words or crazy phrases) & it was very evident that I need to add to what I said.

On the topic of imported stone beads & cabochons - I didn't intend to come off that EVERY imported stone bead or cabochon was junk. While it is hard to find a good dealer that sells quality imported stone - there are a few out there. My favorites is , Szarka is very picky about the stones she offers & hand picks most of her stock so she gets the best available. Check out her webstore - you won't be disappointed!

Rutilated Quartz

On the topic of "something - quartz". There are natural quartz gemstones that are used in beads & cabochons. Like Rutilated Quartz, Lodolite or Garden Quartz. Not to forget Rose Quartz & any number of quartz included stones that make beautiful stone jewelry. But, don't be fooled by fancy names like "Cherry or Ruby Quartz". They are just glass. If natural stone is what you are looking for you need to be very careful. And if you use a synthetic or manufactured stone - be sure & note it on your sale info. That way everyone knows exactly what they are buying.

Lodolite - Garden Quartz

So, the challenge is this - try to know exactly what your working with & be honest with your customers. Working with stone can be challenging at times, but the end product is work it.

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