Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wyoming Jaspers, Agates, Opal & Geodes,OH MY!.........The Polished Pebble

Well, we have been home for a while. And some of the "Must Due Before Winter" jobs have been crossed off the  list. In between everything we managed to get alittle cutting done. And alittle closer evaluation of just what pretties we brought back from our Wyoming trip.

So I thought I would give you a few pics & some info.

Assortment of gemstone rough from Wyoming

The first picture shows a piece of chocolate brown jasper with bredicated common opal, a piece of jade & quartz, & a piece of golden japer. I am really excited about the jasper & opal piece. It was found as float & search as I may, I couldn't find anymore. It is waiting for us to fire up the big saw, as it is too big for the 12".

closer look

This picture also shows what we think is rose quartz. It is a monster piece & we hope it will fit in the large saw. You can also see the opal in the jasper better.

Geodes & Agate Nodules

Direct from my secret local, are a few Geodes & Agates Nodules. I brought home some last year along with some pieces. Figuring that I could cut the pieces for cabs. Was I wrong. You see, most of the geodes are a mixture of Agate & Calcite centers. So, when the Geodes broke open the Calcite got stained & broken down in structure. And if I did find some solid, it soaked up the cutting oil like a sponge. I tried - but for the most part it didn't work out well.

This year I concentrated on either whole Geodes or solid Agate Nodules. Here are some pictures of a few I have cut.

I will be cabbing a few soon - so we should know how they work out. Right now they look like some winners.

I also picked up some black agate, should make some nice cabochons. There are some pieces that are wind polished & I am thinking about using them as is. I LOVE natural finish items, the texture is so organic.

I found this great old jar on a trash dump at the Ranch

And there are NO empty jars at my house - it was only fitting that I filled it with smaller pieces of black agate for this trip.

That is just a peek at what we brought back from Wyoming.

Oh, we have recently been camera shopping & I think we have found something that will give us better pictures to share & not cost an arm and a leg. We'll have more info on that & MORE Gemstone & Lapidary stuff soon.

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