Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back Into The Blog - Gemstone Cabochons And More With The Polished Pebble

We are making an effort to keep up with all the different facets of this "social networking" aspect of our business. And sadly, our blog has been from here on out we have a "NEW" commitment to start posting interesting info daily.

Discussions on gemstones and their influence on our daily lifes. Our current projects & stones we are working with. Rockhounding field trips with lots of pictures of where we go & what we find.

We are also going to bring alittle mystic perspective into our daily posts. If you are a believer or not, we think it will be an interesting addition. And those who are making and marketing their jewelry can add another layer of info to their pieces.

So, to our longtime friends who have followed our blog - We're Back. To our new friends -  Welcome!

As always, please check out our website for our lastest offerings of Designer Gemstone Cabochons in beautiful & unusual designs and materials. Many types of stone that are not available anywhere else - our "Polished Pebble Exclusives".    The Polished Pebble


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