Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cabbing Ice - Working With Bull "Snow" Quartz - The Polished Pebble

The Ranch in Wyoming looking out over the meadow.

Yes, it is winter. And no matter what the enviro - nut jobs say....there has been plenty of cold & snowy weather. But, we here in Bakersfield, CA have been snow free - stuck under a blanket of fog. Yesterday we finally got to see the sun...but today it is foggy again :(

We have been working on getting some cabochons & such listed on our website - The Polished Pebble and one of the pieces we listed was a cab made out of White Quartz. See the picture below.......

This is the first piece that we have had in our hands once it was finished to be able to list for sale. It seems that every other cab that we cut of this material seemed to be sold right after it was completed. A group of local wire wrappers just loved the look. And after working with this stone - We agree - it makes for some beautiful cabochons.

It looks just like ice! And to think that when we originally saw this stone, we dismissed it as too plain jane to cab. Boy, were we wrong. It seems that the plain crisp white & clear combo works well with an unlimited types of metals & other accent colors. Plus it doesn't seem to clash with anything. Making the jewelry that it is set into very versatile.

Our stone was found on the ranch in Wyoming were we go every year in Oct. They have an abundance of quartz & quartzite stone there. In fact, other than the meadow seems the whole valley is just a bunch of quartz rocks.

Once I had cut & polished a few cabochons last summer we knew that we were going to need to bring some more home to work with. So, one afternoon when the guys were in from hunting we went out to the ridge to pick up some pieces. Trying to find some stones that were a nice size to slab & were not iron stained was not as easy as we thought it would be. And as we looked around we noticed something. The white rocks that we were seeking were only in the top foot or so of the ground. There was an old rock pit & you could see that once they got past that first more solid white rocks. Interesting.....

We gathered enough to keep us in stone at least for the next year & brought it home with our other goodies from the trip. And we have been working with it ever since. You may have seen it other places called "Snow Quartz"....or if you have a mining background - "Bull Quartz". And after working with it...we are shocked that it is not offered more. But then again - it you saw it slabbed up next to a nice agate or jasper....most would pass it up.

You see, until you polished it out you don't see the true beauty of this stone. We have all heard Diamonds referred to as "Ice" - but that is just wrong....this quartz looks more like ice than any diamond that I have seen. And it is a heck of alot less money. :)

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Later..........Connie  -  The Polished Pebble

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