Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Rumblings with The Polished Pebble

Ever notice that when you are doing lots of things & have tons more that you should be doing & even more that you need or want to do...and suddenly life makes you stop? No warning, no advance notice...just stop? Well, that explains the last couple of months here. And in that moment....all things that are important - really important become crystal clear.

We won't go into details, but it appears that the storm has passed and the clouds are passing. Looking forward - we have a renewed focus that you will see here and thru our business. We have many adventures that we have had that - for many reasons - just didn't get written up. And plans are to get them posted.

We have been working on inventory, both in new Cabochons & Display pieces. And we will be expanding our "Natural Stone" inventory. There has been great reception & demand for those pieces that Mother Nature has supplied the shape & finish to. Along with that we are also offering Gemstone Slabs thru our other website for those that would like to make their own Cabochons. Expect the same high quality in the slabs we offer there - as the hand cut and polished Gemstone Cabochons that we offer thru .

Currently we are working on photos of finished work & researching additional info on our stones so we can provide you with a more complete look at each stone.

The weather has not been very good for going out rockhounding as of late. Although, all the rain is sure to have washed off some treasures & there are trips planned and on the calender. Many out into the desert areas where the temps are cool enough & the bad critters are sleeping.

The only real thing that might put a damper on the planned trips would be the gas prices :( We will have to wait & see.

 As always, if you have some great stone or know someone who does...we are always looking. And if you are looking to find a particular stone or a certain special Cabochon....drop us and email, we'll be glad to help!

The cloud pictures in this post we taken after a recent storm. We always find clouds and their different forms, streaks & designs fascinating. And the sky - especially after a storm - just reminds us of how small & trivial things can be sometimes in the world.

Here's hoping the NEW YEAR brings all of you Peace & Joy!

Connie    -    The Polished Pebble

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